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Wednesday, February 11th, 2009
11:28 am
Metaphysics, human brain and the power of grief.
Everyone had dreams at some point where they see their deceased relatives.  Some are happy, and then you wake
up and realize that your loved one is gone.  Some are sad, in which you realize that something is off.   And some
are ... disturbing.

Today, I dreamed of my uncle.  He's been in a coma for a week, with very little chance of recovery (ruptured
brain aneurysm).
I dreamed that I was walking through a mall, talking to my mom on my cellphone.   He approached me and
the only thing he said was 'I came to say goodbye' (Я пришел попрощаться).  I immediately realized that this
is impossible and that I must be dreaming (but everything felt so real) and I started screaming.  He said 'don't, don't'
and started fading.... at which point I woke up.  Now I am upset with myself, because even though I know that
none of this is real, I still had a chance to say goodbye, and I blew it.

Good bye, my dear uncle.  You were a wonderful, warm and funny man.  I, and everyone who knew you, are
worse off for your not being near us.

Current Mood: gloomy
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